When do we get apps for our brains?

Originally posted: Mon, 18 Mar 2019 11:06:00

This is not a post about transhumanism or integrated tech. This is about my horrible time management. And it is horrible.

I've been doing my annual email cleanout and found some dark neglected corners. A couple of years ago, I decided it might be a Good Thing to create some email rules to help keep my Inbox a bit tidier, and infinitely more readable. It turns out that this has worked, at least to make my Inbox workable. Unfortunately, it means that I have neglected some 350+ newsletters I actually enjoy reading.

Because the email rules put them directly into subfolders (and in some cases, subfolders of subfolders (because I like to be organised)), and I primarily use a mobile app, I tend to glance over these in favour of the ridiculous (100+) amounts of mail that still comes through the Inbox.

I am not pleased with myself for this. I am also grateful that my current job does afford me multiple hours of time on a Monday to be able to contend with this backlog. I will be very screwed when I have to get a Proper Job that involves actual gulp Work.

Of those newsletters I have a backlog in, for those of you with an interest, are the following:
• Daniel Miessler's Unsupervised Learning
• Warren Ellis' Orbital Operations
• Atlas Obscura
• Code Project

I have decided that I need an app for my brain which not only reminds these things are there but can auto-schedule time for me to read them.

How I've managed to get this far with my scatter-brained chrono-control I'll never know...

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