Socially-Acceptable Things that Future Generations Will See as Backwards

Originally posted: Sat, 07 Nov 2020 14:15:58

This is pretty much just a list, as things come to me. For me, questioning things that are socially acceptable started a few years ago when the vegan phenomenon really kicked off. I am not a vegan myself, but I do have serious concerns as to how we treat pets and livestock - bring on cultured meats say I!

A few years later, and I start seeing more and more posts trying to work out what future generations would find abhorrent about ours, as well as the some of the things that the like of Gen Z currently see as backwards, but still exist.

So, I decided to start keeping track of things that, in one way or another, we either shouldn't still be doing, or the things that future generations will ultimately condemn us for.

  • Cruel treatment of other animals
  • Consumerism
  • Worth by wealth
  • Economics of scarcity
  • Pseudoscience
  • Reckless exploitation of natural resources
  • Coddling religion and tradition over the real needs of people
  • Privatised Profits and Socialised Risk
  • Nationalism/Exceptionalism/Nation-state insularity
  • Politically disengaged public
  • Propaganda as news media/false balance
  • Retributive justice (doubly so given the pretence at rehabilitation)

Do you have anything to add to the list?

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