2021 Tools

As we're in a New Year, I thought I'd share some of the tools I found and explored in 2021 that really made a difference:

Chocolatey - a package manager for Windows. While MS is still doddering about trying to get "Winget" to work, Chcolatey have been at this for a few years now, and both the shell and GUI versions make finding, installing, and updating software exceptionally easy. They are also constantly adding new packages as well, making this a no-brainer choice for any IT Pro or tinkerer.

Workona - Now I'm aware I've mentioned this before, but in this past year it has been almost invaluable. Yes, I'm still paranoid enough to keep all the tabs bookmarked as well, but to be able to have multiple workspace browsers is a a godsend of unimaginable proportions. I'd be lost without it at this point. Yes, you only get 5 workspaces on the free version, but that's been plenty.

https://vovsoft.com/software/compare-two-lists/ - a fun little gadget that, for anyone who writes anything from prose to code, can make your life infinitely easier if you have multiple versions of the a document.

https://standardnotes.com/ - again, one I may have mentioned previously, but one I've continued to explore. I'll be making some changes to the website soon, and will be using this tool to publish with. It's clean and slick, and as we all know, I have he design instincts of a club-fisted, duck-billed platypus. The tag system makes organisation a breeze, and the functionality increases from there. This is a paid product beyond the free notepad - but I've only been using free and would still recommend it.

https://github.com/conwnet/github1s - another I have mentioned, but whose value has just increased exponentially this year. If you use GitHub a lot, this will be of use to you.

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