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FB Page post from 25/05/2021

I know the blog hasn't really been much of a blog for the past two years - between lack of time, and life, I've just not been able to do what I really want with it.

In the past few days, I've come across 2 things that have re-inspired me to get back into this, but to do it in a very different way, so that's what I'll do.

The first thing that gave me inspiration was this piece by the internet's own Cory Doctorow, who described how his method of blogging draws inspiration from a beloved piece of computing history, a machine that no-one every used due to its outrageous expense: 

The Memex:

Secondly was this video, about one of the longest-known funny images in the internet. This was surprising in so many ways:

So I think I'll try doing it Doctorow and Adachi-style for now: shorter pieces to act more as an extension to my cluttered mental corkboard. After I draft someone in to help with a redesign - I might be able to write legible things, but I don't have a designer's bone in my body. As you may have guessed

Jan 2022 note:

This is part of the changes I was talking about in my "Fresh Start" post. This format is flexible enough to allow for a longer exploration of a topic, as well as more of a short-form note-type post.

Shortly after reposting this, I came across this post: which I think might also be beneficial when considering not just meetings, but also when considering deeper topics.

I may also take elements from this Theme System journal, which while not entirely suited to me, does provide some interesting ideas: 

Another thing I am more determined to work at is a better form of record-keeping for the coffee, wine, whiskey, and cigars I partake in - partially as a review that could help interested parties make a decision, but also for my own sake: what I liked, what I didn't like, why I liked/disliked it, would I buy it again etc.

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